Solution Architect,

About the employer

Can you help customers achieve their goals faster and better? Are you a new breed of tech aficionado who embraces the power of creativity to move forward faster? And do you also like working with people? Then you must be the Solution Architect this company is looking for!

Job description

What you’ll be doing

You empower companies to move from concept to market faster. To facilitate this, you first of all have a strong technical background. You will need this in your everyday job to quickly translate business needs into technical solutions. Connecting to API’s and other platforms is your daily routine. Most of the time you will be working closely together with the commerce team. Simply because you also know how to convince people. Not like the commerce guys by talking about NPS, ROI or Call Deflections Models, but by explaining how stuff works! Therefore you are needed in the (pre)sales conversations with clients.

If this sounds like a diverse and versatile job then you’re probably right. Are you the independent person, not being afraid to find your way within the company? Someone who dares to speak up, and has a strong opinion or vision on trends and innovation. You take an interest in tech, specifically chatbots and SaaS, and have heard of human-centered design thinking.

General activities:

• Work closely together with the sales team by taking part in meetings, calls and company visits (also abroad).

• Able to translate business needs into technical requirements.

• Able to show off the capabilities of the company (by giving demo’s or building proof-of-concepts and minimum-viable-products).

• Able to guide clients and prospects trough projects, connecting with other platforms and API’s.

• Keep in touch and connect with partners, to see what cool use-cases they are building that you might use to inspire others.

• Always on the lookout for the latest trends and technologies and opportunities, to bring them to company’s platform and clients.

• Know competition and how we stack-up to them.

• Knowing USPs and translate those to understandable and tangible stories.

• Pioneering and working with innovation labs and departments.

• Give the company shape, by contributing ideas to the roadmap.

• Help the support team in tailoring their content, to make dev’s life easier when building on our platform.

• Work together with the marketing department to tell our story from a more technical angle.

Your background/profile

• Good problem-solving skills: Bachelor thinking level.

• Proven technical background by either having sufficient working experience in building stuff using vanilla JavaScript/Node.js/HTML/CSS (5+ years). Or by having a diploma for a relevant education like Information & Communication, Communication & Multimedia Design, New Media Design or Creative Technology.

• Working experience supporting clients on technical challenges.

• Excellent communication and presentation skills, and good English command.

• Not afraid of making mistakes while still being a bit of a perfectionist. Failure is nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy.

• You run on creativity and see the obvious added value of it. Whether it’s for inspiring other people or just approaching problems from a different angle.

• You love to build stuff and tinker with new technologies. Websites like The Verge, Bright, Tweakers, Github and Stack Overflow are under your bookmarks.

Nice to have

• Interest in design-thinking and design-doing. Knowing what human-centered design is and how you can facilitate that by organizing workshops and co-creation session.

• You secretly get the creepers when people send you Excel sheets for purposes beyond its intentions. You come up with brilliant alternatives though because you are a Solution Architect.

• Some Dutch knowledge.


More info

Leo Berghof +6 24 6779 24